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In the Heart of the Belgian Ardennes

Marie and Frans Havermans are pioneers of organic chocolate making in Belgium. Frans, who used to work as a mould maker, suffered food poisoning from the solvents he was exposed to and developed a severe reaction to chemical food additives. The resulting illness persuaded him to opt resolutely to produce organic products. Marie followed special training as a chocolate maker in Antwerp and, after four years hard work creating her own recipes, she and Frans opened a splendid new organic chocolate production hall. Their chocolates were awarded the BLIK organic guarantee mark in 1998. Most MarieFrans organic pralines are sweetened with agave syrup and taste less sweet than many other chocolates. Agave syrup is a natural plant sweetener with a low glycaemic index, making it ideal for diabetics. It is sweeter than sugar, yet has fewer calories. The agave juice flows from the leaves and roots of the agave plant when they are cut and was a favourite food of the Aztecs, who used it in their religious ceremonies.
In 2003, MarieFrans pralines won Gold, Silver and Bronze Great Taste Awards at the Speciality and Fine Food Fair in London. There are two ranges to choose from - Classic and the Taste of Nature, both looking and tasting fantastic !


"Meeting husband and wife Marie and Frans for the first time I could only be struck by their almost consuming passion and desire to create something special!
In their kitchen in the Belgian Ardennes forest, that "something special" takes shape in the form of the most exquisite organic chocolates. Everything about them is genuine - as the heart and soul they put into their wonderful confectionery - and their wish to continually innovate and improve what they make is all too apparent!
So I hope you will really enjoy and appreciate, as I did, exactly what Marie and Frans have put into these chocolates - for to me it's as if there is a little bit of them in every single one! "

A Chocolate Lover



The Natural Food Company sprl,
Maria Janssens
Chemin des Iettes 22,
tel. +32 (0)61 28 77 78
fax +32 (0)61 28 77 75







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